Choose Macro

The decision of where to go to graduate school is one that will greatly affect your career and your life. Our faculty members believe that the Macromolecular Science and Engineering graduate program offers you the best of all possible choices.

As a graduate student you can choose to work for one or more of the 37 members of the Macro faculty. These faculty provide you access to the College of Engineering, Medical School, Dental School, and College of Literature, Science, & the Arts at Michigan. They represent an incredible diversity of research interests and provide you a multitude of research and course study opportunities based on your interests and goals.

In 50 years the Macro program has produced several hundred successful Ph.D. and Master’s graduates. The graphic below provides a sample of where some of our more recent graduates have gone. They are leaders and innovators in industry, academia, and beyond.

The University of Michigan itself is a major research university that also offers an exceptional research environment and excellent networking opportunities. With Macro you are a part of our close-knit student community but also the wider College of Engineering and University circles. Situated within the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan presents you with boundless opportunity to further your education and grow in graduate school.