Ahn, Taeyong

Ph.D. Advisor: Mark Banaszak Holl

Structure of Type I collagen in bone and the relation to disease and mechanical tissue failure.

Boban, Mathew

Ph.D. Advisor: Anish Tuteja

PPG Fellow (2017)

Development of coatings resistant to wetting by all liquids, with a focus on improving their durability and expanding their applications.

Cersonsky, Rose

Ph.D. Advisor: Sharon Glotzer

Computational statistical mechanics, specifically the treatment of particle shape as a thermodynamic variable within simulation.

Dang, Ming

Ph.D. Advisor: Peter X. Ma

Biodegradable 3D polymer scaffolds, pre-programmed pulsatile drug delivery systems, and near-infrared triggered on-demand hydrogel drug delivery systems.

Dhyani, Abhishek

Ph.D. Advisor: Anish Tuteja

Cracking the ice adhesion problem.

Doleyres, Yasmine

Ph.D. Advisor: Peter X. Ma

Using drug delivery and tissue engineering to improve cancer therapeutics through a multi-functional scaffold.

Foster, Leanna

Ph.D. Advisor: Kenichi Kuroda

Polymer-bacteria interactions.

Frank, Derek

Ph.D. Advisor: Adam Matzger

Design and implementation of polymeric materials to control the crystallization rate of pharmaceuticals.

Gupta, Arushi

Ph.D. Advisor: Jeff Sakamoto

3M Fellow (2017)

Development of polymer-ceramic (LLZO) blend based solid electrolytes for solid state batteries.

Hall, Ryan

Ph.D. Advisor: Ronald Larson, Michael Solomon

PPG Fellow (2017)

In Dr. Larson's lab, I'm studying the relaxation dynamics of polymers, with varying architecture, through a combination of rheological experimentation and theoretical approaches. In Dr. Solomon's lab, I'm studying the rheological response of colloidal gels, which will provide insight into the manufacturing and storage of various commercialized goods produced by companies like P&G.

Kang, Joonkoo

Ph.D. Advisor: Jinsang Kim

Photo-polymerization of conducting polymers and the control of their molecular weights and polydispersity

Keller, Bradley

Ph.D. Advisor: Theodore Goodson III

I study the photophysical properties of polymers and metal nanoclusters using ultrafast spectroscopy

Kim, Dukhan

Master's Advisor: Anne McNeil

Kim, Taesu

Ph.D. Advisor: Theodore Goodson III

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Kriegman, Bryce

1st Year Master's Student (SUGS Program)

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Krug, David

Ph.D. Advisor: Richard M. Laine

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Li, Wang

1st Year Master's Student

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Lin, Jiajun

Ph.D. Advisor: Henry Sodano

Liu, Tianyu

Ph.D. Advisor: Michael Solomon

In Professor Solomon's group I am working on the assembly of colloidal microspheres for structure color application.

Liu, Ying

Ph.D. Advisor: Ronald Larson

PPG Fellow (2017)

Polyelectrolyte characterization and phase behavior measurement, especially quantitative NMR spectroscopy for quantifying polyelectrolyte complexation in solution.

Muniz, Ayse

Ph.D. Advisor: Joerg Lahann

Nam, Sunghyun

Ph.D. Advisor: L. Jay Guo

Research on the thermally conductive composites and their applications for wearable and stretchable electronics.

Nweke, Chukwuma

Ph.D. Advisor: Jan Stegemann

Post, Ethan

Ph.D. Advisor: Anish Tuteja

My work focuses on the separation of liquid mixtures using membranes with special wettability. This includes the treatment of phase separated systems, emulsions, and relevant liquid-liquid extractions for waste treatment and industrial applications.

Saunders, Laura

Ph.D. Advisor: Peter X. Ma

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Shifman, Rachel

1st Year Master's Student (SUGS Program)

Travitz, Alyssa

Ph.D. Advisor: Ronald Larson

Computational modeling of colloidal and polymer systems.

Van der Laan, Harry

Ph.D. Advisor: Timothy F. Scott

I am working on the development of next-generation dental materials by using thiol-ene chemistry.

Wang, Kelly

1st Year Ph.D Student

3M Fellow (2017)

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White, Thomas

Ph.D. Advisor: Robert Kennedy

Yang, Da Seul

Ph.D. Advisor: Jinsang Kim

My research focuses on developing design principles of conjugated polymers for optoelectronic applications.

Zeng, Yingying

Ph.D. Advisor: Jinsang Kim

PPG Fellow (2017)

My research centers on developing organic phosphorescent materials and their novel applications in next-generation biosensors and optoelectronic devices.

Zhang, Lisha

Ph.D. Advisor: Henry Sodano

Self healing polymers.