Pena-Francesch, Abdon | Faculty

Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Macromolecular Science and Engineering, and Robotics Institute

NCRC, B28-3007E

Pena-Francesch Lab

Ph.D., Engineering Science and Mechanics, The Pennsylvania State University, 2017
M.Sc., Chemical Engineering, Institut Quimic de Sarria, 2013
B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Institut Quimic de Sarria, 2011

Research Interests
Our research is centered around biomaterials science, polymer chemistry, soft matter physics, and nanotechnology, with focus on exploring biology to develop advanced and programmable soft materials for robotic applications in healthcare, bioengineering, and environmental science. We are driven by engineering at the molecular, nano-, and microscale to program the materials structure and properties, and to encode advanced functionalities. We are building an interdisciplinary and collaborative research group with focus on both fundamental and applied research (including materials design, synthesis, characterization, modeling, and engineering applications)