Lahann, Joerg | Faculty

Director of the Biointerfaces Institute, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Macromolecular Science and Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering

NCRC, B10-A175B


Lahann Group

Ph.D., Macromolecular Chemistry, RWTH Aachen University, 1998
M.S., Chemistry, RWTH Aachen University, 1995
B.S., Chemistry, University of Saarland, 1993

Research Interests

Designer surfaces, advanced polymers, biomimetic materials, microfluidic devices, engineered microenvironments, nano-scale self-assembly.


Honors and Awards
Technology Review TR100 Young Innovator Award, 2004
NSF CAREER Award, 2004
National Science Foundation
Justus-Liebig Fellowship of the Fonds of the German Industry, 2000-2001
Sigma XI — Full Membership, 2001
German Science Foundation Postdoctoral Grant, 1999
Borchers Prize of the RWTH Aachen, given for an outstanding performance to graduate students, 1998
Young Student Achievement Award of the Fonds of the German Industry, 1998