REACT Workshop

Research Education and Activities for Classroom Teachers (REACT)

 REACT is a one-day workshop for Michigan K-12 STEM teachers at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor campus). This event provides K-12 STEM teachers free exposure to the impactful research being done at the University of Michigan through focused student talks, lab tours, and hands-on demonstrations by student organizations.

View the program from REACT 2017:


Ben Lee – Resource Ecology Management (REM)

Meryl Spencer – Physics

Claire Tomaszewski – Biomedical Engineering

Ben Swerdlow – Materials Science and Engineering

Tiffany Carey – Michigan ZoomIn

Prof. Mark Banaszak-Holl

Research Lab and Facility Tours:

  • Materials Design and Discovery
    • Prof. Ron Larson
    • Prof. Sharon Glotzer
    • Michigan Center for Materials Characterization
  • Robotics and Biomechanics
    • Prof. Dimitra Panagou
    • Prof. Chad Jenkins
    • Prof. Cynthia Chestek
  • Cancer Treatment and Diagnostics­
    • Prof. Sunitha Nagrath
    • Prof. Ariella Shikanov
  • Environmental Sciences and Sustainability
    • Prof. Mike Wiley
    • Teaching and Inspiring Environmental Stewardship Program (TIES)
  • Climate and Space Sciences
    • Prof. Nancy Love
    • Prof. Mark Moldwin
    • Prof. Chris Ruf

Hands-On Demonstration of Science Activities:

Making Prosthetics with Polymers – POLY/PMSE Student Chapter Outreach Initiative

 Making Toothpaste – Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Council

 Introduction to Composite Materials – Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Student Council

Alginate hydrogels for synthetic organs – Shikanov Research Group