Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students can pursue research in Macro through the SURE (for UM students) and SROP (for non-UM students). There is also an opportunity through the SUGS program for UM undergraduates to earn a Master’s with Macro with only one year of additional study.


The SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering) and SROP (Summer Research Opportunity Program) programs offer summer research internships to undergraduate students who have entered or completed their junior year by the time of their internship.


The Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies Program (SUGS) makes it possible for students to earn a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s in five years of study. Students are allowed to utilize a maximum of 9 credit hours from their undergraduate coursework to count towards their Master’s degree. Advising sessions from a faculty advisor and undergraduate and graduate coordinators will help determine which courses will be used to fulfill each requirement.