The 44th Annual Macro Symposium is scheduled for October 20-21, 2021. 

The Macro Symposium brings together students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals for two days of invited talks, professional and academic development courses, poster presentations, and a networking dinner. In 2019, we hosted over 150 participants representing 10 companies, 8 departments at Michigan, and 25 institutions across the country.

  • Presentation Room
    43rd Annual Macro Symposium

View speaker lists and programs from past symposia:

2019: Polymer Design Interfaces & The Well-Rounded Scientist Short Courses

2018: Physical & Chemical Interactions of Polymeric Systems & Your Role as a Researcher Outside of the Lab Short Courses

2017: Emergent Polymer Science and Engineering & Beyond Academia Short Courses

2016: Macromolecules and Innovation: From Discovery to Product & Innovation! Short Courses

2015: Polymers and Their Biomedical Applications

2014: Hybrid Materials

2013: Hierarchical Polymers and Macromolecules

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