Professional Workshops

Being Held Virtually
October 20-21, 2021

Sci Comm Workshop 

Join biologist and scientific illustrator, Dr. Caroline Hu, Harvard University, to learn how to communicate science through engaging visual media.

International Student Immigration Workshop

Join the University of Michigan Assistant Directors of International Student and Scholar Services, and the Assistant Director of Faculty and Staff Immigration Services for a presentation and Q&A session on “what comes after graduation” for international students.

Panelists:  Scott Manley, University of Michigan and David Muusz, University of Michigan

Academic Career Panel

Learn from representatives from various academic career tracks, including R1 faculty, PUI (primarily undergraduate institute) faculty, and a national lab representative about their positions and what led them there.

Panelists: Dr. Edmund Palermo (RPI), Dr. Scott Zavada (NASA), and Dr. Brittany Nelson-Cheeseman (University of St. Thomas)

Non-traditional Career Panel

Meet University of Michigan alum to learn about alternative careers to academia and industry, including representatives who work in museum conservation, policy, and government.

Panelists: Dr. Chris Avery (NCA), Dr. Matthew Clarke (Smithsonian), and Dr. Laura Povlich (NIH)

Industry Research and Development Career Panel

Hear industry representatives talk about campus hires, demystifying getting a job, and hear from a recruiter’s perspective.

Panelists: Seyyed Salili (Wacker), Jeff Ting (3M), Jinghang Wu (BASF), Shaun Ahn (Dow), and Adam J. Crowe (PPG)

Wellness Workshop

Join University of Michigan Wolverine Wellness, Janet Jansen, for a workshop to learn about how to balance graduate school life to find well-being.

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